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HOLOGRAPHIK®fireplace is a new fire experience.

The technology was designed by Focus Creation. ''Made in France''



FOCUS has been setting standards worldwide for over 50 years. The new BATHYSCAFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® is suitable for any interior. This is the fireplace of the future. It works through a unique holographic system with an immersive design where ultra-realistic Flames are positioned in 3D on natural ceramic logs.

This technology creates an astonishingly realistic holographic fire with sensory delight, enhanced by the familiar sound of a crackling wood fire without the need for a chimney. FOCUS, by designing more than a fireplace, brings new experiences to every place without a chimney in Turkey through Decofire.

A patent with 10 highly innovative technological innovations makes the HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplace unique by combining design.
It brings tradition together with the future for the Made in France label. This series consists of two iconic models:

The  BATHYSCAFOCUS exhibited by the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art is the first of these models.

Zero Emissions

HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplaces have no fuel supply and are also extremely energy efficient, emission-free. Only one electrical outlet is needed, which means the fireplace can be installed almost anywhere in a wide variety of interiors.

Safe and easy use
Another of these models, the ERGOFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK®, can be suspended from the ceiling and rotated by 80°, allowing you to enjoy the fire from almost any angle. With this contemporary technology, the holographic electric fireplace poses no fire risk and does not generate sparks, making it perfect for a bedroom, common area or any project where comfort and safety are required.

HOLOGRAPHIK® consumes less than 30 watts and therefore almost no electricity.

The HOLOGRAPHIK® is easy to use and can be turned on or off at the touch of a button.
HOLOGRAPHIK® is the solution for those who want to enjoy fire in rooms that are not normally suitable for fireplaces.

The chimney is purely decorative and its length is adjusted to any ceiling height.

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