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Mix 600

Açık hava ateşinin sadeliğini klasik moden ve lüks bir dokunuşla   birleştiren Ecosmart Mix Fire Bowl modelleri mimari mekanlara adeta hayat   verir.

   Tüm hava koşullarına dayanıklı bir betondan yapılan ve diğer yakıt   türlerindeki açık hava şöminelerinin is,duman,koku,kıvılcım gibi   dezavantajlarını içerisinde barındırmayan bu model avlular,   balkonlar,teraslar havuz başları için oldukça idealdir.

   Oldukça fonksiyonel ve elegant bir model olan Mix Fire Bowl kolayca yakılıp   söndürülebilir ve bunun yanında ısı,ışık ve ambians ihtiyacı neredeyse oraya   taşınabilir.

   Mix Fire Bowl iki farklı ebatta üretilmektedir. Küçük olan Mix 600 (4.1 kg)   ve daha büyük olan Mix 800 (4.4 kg) ..Her iki model de kötü hava şartlarına   dayanıklı bir betondan imal edilmiştir.

Çevre dostu,yenilenebilir ve temiz yanan bir enerji kaynağı olan bioethanol   her bir Mix Fire modeline hayat vermektedir.

Ecosmart AB 3 veya AB 8 yuvarlak formda brülörlerden herhangi biri entegre   edilerek kesintisiz 8 saat yanma sağlanabilir. Buna ilaveten bulunduğu   mekanın mimari tarzına gore çakıl taşları veya başka dekoratif taşlar   içerisine ve brülör çevresine konulabilir.

       Burner Kit:

Mix 600

Our burner kits are in the industry  Designed to offer the longest and most efficient burn times. Homogeneous and colorful  real flames.


Fuel  Its capacity

2.5 L

0.7 Gal

Average Heating m2

Min.Used Volume





Thermal Power

Fuel Efficiency

5800 BTU/h

1.7 kW 6.1 MJ/h

8 - 11h

2.5 Litres

Technical drawing

23.40kg [51.59lb]
Model Dimensions mm [in]
L 600 [23.6] W 600 [23.6] H 235 [9.3]
Indoor & Outdoor
Concrete Composite, Stainless Steel Grade 304


  • Shipping Weight                                  25kg                                [55.12lb]

  • Packaging Dimensions                                 mm [in]   L 744 [29.3] W 744 [29.3] H 458 [18]

  • CBM 0.25m3

  • Type Carton


Screenshot 2023-10-27 15.06.27.png


of this model  Architects from all over the world and  end  users with different configurations.  dressing  Check out the alternatives. Get inspired.

Technical Catalog

It contains a diagram where you can examine the technical details for the dimensions.


User Guide

Includes post-installation instructions.


Installation Guide

Contains suggestions, warnings and instructions for your installation plan.


ESF Catalog

Check out our Ecosmartfire fireplace collection Catalogue.


PDF File

Outdoor Brochure

Check out our Ecosmartfire fireplace collection Catalogue.

PDF File



Autocad format of the model  You can download the file.


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UL Certification

Our burner kits  UL certified  and thus our Flex Series hoppers.  UL certified   approved for use.

Clean Combustion

all fuel   burner  your kit  Thus, the plumbing pipe  and your licensed bioethanol fuel  performs clean combustion, chimney or  There is no need for waste gas evacuation.


Collection, zero-space finish  application  with details  It provides unlimited installation freedom and flexibility for builders, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and homeowners.

ISO Certificate

Every EcoSmart product is in ISO 9001:2008 standard.

No Plumbing and Rigging connection required

Whole fuel tank  burner independently  your kit  It is securely housed inside and frees you from the installation constraints and costs that come with gas or electrical connections.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel

Burner kit models and other outdoor models are made of 316 quality stainless steel.

It provides high protection against rusting and atmospheric corrosion.

Included Accessories

Each burner kit model and other models come with an ignition lighter, ignition apparatus, and a fuel filler canister with a special cap.

Quick and Easy Installation

Collection pieces that require almost no assembly  placed in the desired location, immediately  to use  is designed to.


Stainless steel color for the collection interior and  black  colour  can be selected with some exterior  space products /Fire Tables 3 colors  Observe the option.

  • Can the fireplace be extinguished before the fuel burns completely?
    Yes. The fireplace can be extinguished at any time before the fuel runs out. However, we recommend that you continue to burn until the fuel runs out. The extinguishing mechanism is for moments when you need to leave the house and not leave it on fire.
  • How do I light my Ecosmart Bioethanol fireplace?
    The instruction booklet supplied with the product you purchased provides all the instructions you need to use the Ecosmart flueless fireplace safely and efficiently. Lighting the EcoSmart™ Fireplace is simple – just follow the instructions and you'll get the beautiful flames into your home in seconds.
  • Are Ecosmart Fireplaces easy to install?
    EcoSmart™ Fireplaces are designed to be easy to install and operate. With no flue or pipe connections required, EcoSmart™ Fireplaces are very flexible and can be used at any stage of your interior decoration. Contact your distributor for detailed specifications
  • What is the installation time?
    Actually, there is no real assembly. Our range of Designer Fireplaces and Fireplace Grills can simply be positioned where desired and immediately operated. Our Fireplace Chambers range is also designed to fit anywhere and be enclosed.
  • Can Ecosmart Fireplaces be installed anywhere?
    Almost anywhere! Ecosmart flueless fireplaces are suitable for all but very small rooms. Details about assembly vary according to the model used, and all details are specified in the product user manual. Before applying Ecosmart, ask your local distributor whether permission is required from authorized institutions. This is subject to authorization in several countries.
  • Are you sending a team for assembly?
    All of our products are designed to be easily installed and applied. Some Design Series models come disassembled and can be easily put together with the installation guide. The end user can do this himself or have a professional do it.
  • Do you already have products suitable for my existing fireplace?
    Our burner kit and fireplace grate series can be used by placing them in open type (without glass cover) fireplaces that are already built and not used for various reasons. Pay attention to the minimum distances in such applications. Our fireplace grill series consists of products that contain an Ecosmart burner kit, which can be easily placed inside the existing fireplace or used in new fireplace designs.
  • How to clean Ecosmart burner kits?
    All stainless steels can be easily cleaned by spraying on a soft damp cloth with a stainless steel cleaner spray sold in the markets and wiping. When the fireplace is lit and all the fuel is gone and the burner kit has cooled, you can hold it under hot water for a while to remove the bioethanol residues. It is normal for color fading to occur over time with burning on stainless steel.
  • Does the fireplace heat the room it is in?
    Ecosmart fireplaces are highly efficient because they are flueless. There is no heat escape from the chimney, all the heat released as a result of combustion stays in the room. For heating capacities and volumes, please review the technical sheets of burner kit products.
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