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Designed as an outdoor space heater and outdoor fireplace, Marino; Burning occurs with the tube used daily.

With its lightweight and wheeled structure, it becomes a portable outdoor heater.

With the warmth, light and inviting feature of the fire, it is frequently preferred in the hospitality industry such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Very high efficiency values affect outdoor heater costs positively in terms of operation.

Marino, which can adapt to many architectures with its different colors and Cortensteel alternative, can also be easily positioned in Horeca areas, especially as an open space heater, with its compatible dimensions.

Marino is suitable for use in all your open and semi-open outdoor spaces, verandas, terraces, winter gardens and the hospitality industry.

Thanks to its comfortable warmth and attractiveness, it allows you to use your terrace and garden even on cold evenings.

With its wheeled structure, you can easily move it and quickly change places within the space. 

With a household 12 kg  cylinder, it provides warmth and comfort for hours.

Additionally, Sunwood Marino is one of the safest products in its class.

  • Dimensions: 126 x 42 x 42 cm

  • Weight: 47 kg

  • Galvanized Steel / Powder Coating

  • Fuel: LPG Home Type Cylinder 12 kg

  • Ignition: Pilot

  • Thermal Power 4 kw/h,

  • LPG Gas Consumption: 290 gr/h

  • Decorative Set: Lava Stone

  • Certificate: CE 2009/142/EC KIWA

  • Glass:Tempered

  • With Corten Steel and RAL codes

  • Can be ordered in different colors

Marino Premium can be ordered with "rcor-ten steel" special color or by applying your corporate logo for the horeca sector, if desired. 

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International Warranty and CE

Outdoor heater Marino is sold in many countries of the world through its widespread sales and service network and authorized distributors.

The products, whose authorized representation in Turkey is carried out by Decofire, have thus obtained references in many distinguished places and sweat as an outdoor heater.



You can protect your outdoor fireplace with the optional waterproof cover from Marino.


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