“Decofire” entered the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets in 2003 by collaborating with the most respected and prestigious brands of Europe in order to aim for a good position in the boutique decoration products market.

With its experience in the fireplace and heating sector and its service understanding, it carries out the Turkey distributorship of the leading brands operating in "Decofire" design fireplace and decorative radiator systems. Decofire fireplace and radiator models have an original, aesthetic and unique line in contemporary design history and are far from short-term fashion understanding and fast trends.

The understanding of quality in design, engineering, technical service and above all in production has been adopted as the basic philosophy, and as a natural result, many gas fireplaces and wood fireplace models have been deemed worthy of design awards and have found their place in the most magnificent places of the world. For its product range, which has a unique collection of cast iron radiators and chimneyless fireplaces; Decofire will continue to bring world brands that bring brand new dimensions to the industry to Turkey.

The team consisting of sales and installation engineers who have received their training on fireplaces from the brands we distribute consists of experienced personnel who have worked in world-scale companies in Turkey.

In addition to the existing collections, Decofire brings a unique line to architecture by making personalized fireplace designs, projects and applications.

Decofire, which wants to change the expectations from the classical understanding to the engineering understanding, has proven its quality with CE, DIN Plus, HR Plus, Flamme Verte International certificates.

Decofire, which started to import fireplace chambers compatible with natural gas and LPG fuels in 2007, completed the approval process by İgdaş and other gas distribution companies and started to sell its approved Natural Gas Fireplace collection all over Turkey.

Its references, which it carries out in partnership with Turkey's most distinguished architects, include boutique hotels, mansions, villa projects and many more individual housing projects.

Ecosmart Fire
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Architectural firemakers

Decofire” cooperated with the most respected and prestigious brands of Europe in 2003 in order to present the new generation design fireplace and radiator technologies products to architects and end users and to give the sector a corporate position.

Brands that Turkey Exclusive Distributor and sole authorized representative of; FOCUS CERATION  France,M-DESIGN  Belgium,PIAZZETTA  Italy,ECOSMARTFIRE  Australia,CINIER  france
The team consisting of sales and installation engineers who have received their training on fireplaces from the brands we distribute consists of experienced Engineers, sales personnel and installation team who have worked in world-sized companies in Turkey.
In addition to the existing collections, Decofire brings a unique line to architecture by making personalized fireplace designs, projects and applications.
Decofire, which wants to bring expectations from the classical approach to the understanding of design and engineering, has proven its quality with CE, DIN Plus, HR Plus, Flamme Verte International certificates.

Importing fireplace chambers compatible with natural gas and LPG fuels in 2007, Decofire has completed the approval process by Gazmer, İgdaş and other gas distribution companies.

to the references carried out jointly with the distinguished architects of Turkey.  hotels, mansions, villa projects and many more corporate and individual residential and commercial businesses  are included.

International Design Conference, Kiev, Ukraine, 2001. Interview by Dominique Imbert

- I haven't been to a design school.
- I did not study architecture.
- I've never taken a single drawing lesson in my life.
- I have not studied painting, sculpture, fine arts or art history.
- I didn't do any of these.

However, for a few months I learned to cook from a Greek chef at an Indian restaurant in London.  I also studied ethnology and spent some time with the Inuits in Alaska.  I awarded a PhD in Sociology (for 'Influence on aesthetic behavior in the workplace') at the Sorbonne in Paris.  When Focus is awarded the National Prize for Creation by a French minister of commerce (Paris 1995), or when I see our fireplaces on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, Grenoble or Stockholm, or the Guggenheim in New York;  I wondered when the gold 'Trophées du Design' won a medal (Paris 1994, 1997, 2001) or when the Innovation Award was presented at the Batimat trade fair (November 1999) or when Lord Norman Foster asked us to design a fireplace for him. Why? I wonder what happened - maybe And when I was younger, like Obelix, I was in a magical "design" potion.  I still question whether eventually it would be better not to go to a school on this subject but to learn by discovering everything for myself.

One thing I can say is that when I was young, vacationing in the country, I spent most of my time welding the slab irons of the village blacksmith.  Since I did not dare to sculpt, I started making shapes out of steel.  This virus suddenly pushed me to a different vision at the age of 27. Then I left Paris and set up my own workshop in the south of France.

Today we try to avoid the double pressure of fashion and market forces, even though we have about a hundred people working close to Focus and our exports, which export more than 50% of our production (including Western and Eastern Europe, Japan and the Americas).  .  I have the extraordinary luck of being able to continue to follow my intuition and work for pleasure.

I began to understand what I was looking for.  What interests me is what moves me, and I was moved by discovering the inner spirit of a substance hidden deep within certain shapes and angles.  It is about revealing a dimension beyond the cold, calculating and conventional context of our environment.  I take immense pleasure in giving meaning to shapes - a hidden meaning, a sense of poetry.

Living without poetry!!!.

For me, design is the expression of the tension between poetry and utility, between art and functionality, between emotion and rationality.

So am I a designer?
I can't answer that...


National Prize for Creation, awarded by the French Trade Minister (Paris 1995)
Innovation Prize at the Batimat trade show (Paris 1999)
Export Award at 'Avenir 2000' (Paris 2000)
Selected by Norman Foster and Associates (London 2000)
First prize 'Concours de l'Excellence' by the Chamber of Trades (Montpellier 2001)
3 Gold 'Trophées du Design' at the Batimat trade show (Paris 2001, 1997, 1994)
Selected as one of the 'Top 100 best French companies' (first in Languedoc-Roussillon) (L'Entreprise magazine, July 2003)
Silver medal at the 'Concours du Design' (Stuttgart 2004)
4 Silver 'Trophées du Design' at the Batimat trade show (Paris 2007, 2005, 1995, 1993)
Winner in an online competition for homesolute.com (Germany 2009)
Nominated for the 'Observeur du Design' prize (Paris) : 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017(Cubifocus)
First prize for 'World's most beautiful object (Pulchra design awards, Italy, 2009)
Nominated for the 'Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany' : 2010, 2011, 2014, 2017(Slimfocus)
Reward for the” most inspired creation of Helsinki Design Week " on 2010
Superflame Prize 2009 of polish review Świat Kominkow for the overall achievement.
Prix de la Performance - Journal "Les Echos" - Montpellier 2011
Star' Observeur du Design (Paris 2002, 2013)
Winner Interior Innovation Award 2014 and 2015 (Germany)
Winner Reddot award 2014 (Essen - Germany)
Winner of the German Design Award in Gold 2017 - Slimfocus
Hearth & Home exhibition (Harrogate - Angleterre)
Curvifocus: Winner "product of the year 2017" and "gas appliance of the year"



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