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Focus  Dominique Imbert, the designer of fireplace collections, designed his first model in 1967 and his timeless designs  Newyork Guggenheim museum, Grenoble museum, Bordo  It was exhibited in distinguished venues such as the museum of modern arts etc. After winning the title of "World's Most Beautiful Object" in Italy's Pulchra Awards, the Gyrofocus model was buried by the design world for the museum of the future project, to be opened 100 years later in Italy.

Decofire is the sole authorized distributor of the Focus brand in Türkiye.


central ,glass, suspended, rotating

Yenilik ilk bakışta anlaşılmaz: ikonik GYROFOCUS artık camlı versiyonuyla daha verimli,daha güvenli ve daha çevreci özelliğiyle yeni bir gelecek vadediyor.

Gyrofocus Glass 5 yıllık ar-ge çalışmalarının ve 55 yıllık Focus üretim tecrübesinin sonucudur. Avrupa’da 1 Ocak 2022’de yürürlüğe giren Ecodesign normuyla uyumludur.

Şöminenin yanma haznesi kavisli cam panellerle estetik ve ikonik özelliklerinden tavize vermeden ve orijinal özelliklerinden hiçbirini kaybetmeden dizayn edilmiş olup efsanevi tasarımı ve 360° dönebilen ateş haznesi ile şömine tarihinde yeni bir sayfa açmıştır.

Standartlar gelişir, tarih yenilenir.

Bu şömine 4 mm-kalınlığında cor-ten çelikten yapılmıştır ve 125 cm  çapa sahiptir (ateş haznesi ağırlığı:97 kg). 360 derece  döndürülebilmektedir böylelikle mekanın değişik yüzlerine  çevrilebilir.Bir duvar önünde duvar şöminesi olarak veya mekanın  ortasında orta şömine olarak kullanılabilir.

Baca borusunun uzunluğu ve diğer adaptasyonlar ihtiyaca göre üretilmektedir.

Rendement 81%   Puissance 18 kW   CO à 13% de O2 0,09%   Émissions de poussières 19 mg/Nm3   COV (OGC) à 13% de O2 34 mg/Nm3   NOx à 13% de O2 151 mg/Nm3



18 kW


81 %




Teklif İste

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The Creator

Dominique Imbert

Before discovering his calling as a design practitioner, Dominique Imbert worked as a kitchen hand in London, an explorer in Alaska, and a Doctor of Sociology at La Sorbonne in Paris, but he never made it big on titles. “Am I a designer?” cannot find an answer to the question. “I didn't go to art school, I didn't study architecture, I didn't take a single drawing class, I didn't study painting, sculpture, fine arts, or art history. I haven't done any of that." Despite his reservations and innate humility, Imbert's contribution to the world of design has been extraordinary. When he founded Focus in the 1960s, he could never have imagined that his firm would win the French National Creation Award or that his work would be exhibited in contemporary art museums. Along with the productive warmth The search for a wood stove that provided aesthetic pleasure as well resulted in a revolution that continues to make waves in fireplace design.

Awards and Honors

Our products have been deemed worthy of many international awards in the places where they are exhibited.







  • Best artist-craftsman in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (1976)

  • Selected for the Premio Design Italiano (Rome 1992)

  • Design and Innovation award winner (Toulouse 1993)

  • National Prize for Creation, awarded by the French Trade Minister (Paris 1995)

  • Innovation Prize at the Batimat trade show (Paris 1999)

  • Export Award at ‘Avenir 2000’ (Paris 2000)

  • Selected by Norman Foster and Associates (London 2000)

  • First prize ‘Concours de l’Excellence’ by the Chamber of Trades (Montpellier 2001)

  • 3 Gold ‘Trophées du Design’ at the Batimat trade show (Paris 2001, 1997, 1994)

  • Selected as one of the ‘Top 100 best French companies’ (first in Languedoc-Roussillon) (L’Entreprise magazine, July 2003)

  • Silver medal at the ‘Concours du Design’ (Stuttgart 2004)

  • 4 Silver ‘Trophées du Design’ at the Batimat trade show (Paris 2007, 2005, 1995, 1993)

  • Winner in an online competition for (Germany 2009)

  • Nominated for the ‘Observeur du Design’ prize (Paris): 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017(Cubifocus) 

  • First prize for 'World's most beautiful object (Pulchra design awards, Italy, 2009)

  • Nominated for the ‘Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany’ : 2010, 2011, 2014, 2017(Slimfocus)

  • Reward for the “most inspired creation of Helsinki Design Week” on 2010

  • Superflame Prize 2009 of polish review Świat Kominkow for the overall achievement.

  • Prix de la Performance - Journal "Les Echos" - Montpellier 2011

  • Star 'Observeur du Design (Paris 2002, 2013)

  • Winner Interior Innovation Award 2014 and 2015 (Germany)  

  • Winner Reddot award 2014 (Essen - Germany)

  • Winner of the German Design Award in Gold 2017 - Slimfocus

  • Hearth & Home exhibition (Harrogate - Angleterre)
    Curvifocus: Winner "product of the year 2017" and "gas appliance of the year" 

  • Winner of the German Design Award in Gold 2019 - Boafocus

  • Winner of the NAN ARQUIRECTURA in 2019 (Spain) – Simfocus

  • Hotel Designs Brit List Awards 2020 (UK) - Focus EcoDesign Ready Fireplace « Highly Commended »


A design icon

Gyrofocus continues to symbolize aesthetic perfection. The Guggenheim has been seen everywhere, from New York to the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, from the wild deer observation lodge in Norway to the Cloudy Bay winery in New Zealand, to the spaces of distinguished architects in Japan and, of course, Turkey. Its effortless harmony with a variety of interior styles around the world continues to cement its place as the most iconic of all fireplaces. Over the past 45 years, GyroFocus has amassed an impressive collection of awards, medals and other distinctions, including the World's Most Beautiful Object, which received the Pulchra Design Award (Italy) in 2009. Gyrofocus is currently in its fifth decade of continuous production. Despite changes in fashion, taste and short-term trends, it remains as iconic today as it was in 1968.

Hofats firepit / Bbq
Designed in Germany.



Test your focus models in real place with demo reality using your smart phone or tablet devices.

For Digital Forecast, you can create a virtual layout of our Focus models with the online downloadable application in Apple Store and Google Play.



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